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Hi there! I write about whisky. Occasionally, I even find an opportunity to drink some. When I do, I scribble esoteric tasting-notes which I attempt to translate into biased and objectionable whisky reviews.

Like most whisky nerds, I have a deep appreciation for how whisky is made – the components and effort that goes into making the perfect pour. However, I’m more than a little skeptical of the “lifestyle” that surrounds Scotch whisky and the associated snobbery. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how damp cereal dried over burning Scottish-shit-moss, fermented into industrial-grade antibacterial cleaning fluid and stored in poorly washed oak barrels by cranky swamp-dwellers whose considerable back-hair is rivalled only by that growing out of their ears and noses is considered sexy or luxurious. I like whisky and other spirits beacuse I enjoy the liquid. The fact that it makes you look like Don Draper is at best a pleasant side-effect.

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