Review: Glenfiddich Cask Collection - Reserve Cask

Glenfiddich – Cask Collection: Reserve Cask

The thrill of embarking on some new adventure can be seriously hampered by the thought of having to spend any appreciable time in an airport. Fortunately, as often in life, whisky is there to ease the pain – the airport is the perfect place to try out a new variety of special brown barley juice.

Continuing on Glenfiddich’s Cask Collection, I’ve got a tiny sampler bottle of the Reserve Cask. This is ostensibly the replacement for the 15 YO Solera to globe trotters and airport personnel throughout the world. An expensive, Solera vatted, sherry casked, low-strength training whisky – let’s take a look:

  • Nose:

I’ll admit it smells a heck of a lot like its 15-year-old big brother. Certainly a greater sherry influence, more chocolately and less fruity. Really nice – rich and sweet (but not too sweet!)

  • Taste:

Okay, really surprised here. This stuff is great! The sherry is obvious but not overpowering at all: you still get to appreciate the quality of the malt, that rich fruitiness that Glenfiddich knows how to deliver. Buttery and rich. There’s a nuttiness, and ultra-mild smoke, cherries and faint orange zest.

  • Water:

Don’t want to. No. Bad idea. But here goes: (sips). Actually… not bad. We’re getting dangerously close to watery sludge, but it handles fairly well, low ABV considered. Fruitier (more like the 15 YO) and more herbal, but very good. Prefer neat though.

Review: Glenfiddich Cask Collection - Reserve Cask


I dare say, one of the best sherried training whiskies ever, if not the best. The ABV is still inexcusable – there’s just no versatility – and the price is a bit insulting. But it beats the heck out of the Lasanta without even trying, and comes painfully close to being as enjoyable as the 15 YO. Nice!

Glenfiddich – Cask Collection: Reserve Cask
Quality: Good
Price: Reasonable
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