Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey


A source of countless hangovers and terrible Irish accents, Jameson’s entry-level is a wildly successful blend which (barring a few exceptions) has become near-synonymous with “Irish whiskey”. While it’s not enough to deter the die-hard Scotch drinker, I’ve yet to find anyone who won’t drink this stuff.

  • Nose:

Marzipan, a syrupy, caramel sweetness, salt, cherries and lots of vanilla (presumably the bourbon casks). Smells great!

  • Taste:

Jameson tastes like liquidised flowers, covered in golden syrup and lightly salted. This is better than it sounds. More grainy than malty, with hints of liquorice and fruit. It’s a dangerously easy drink. The finish is short, simple and sweet. A strong grassy note, and some faint clinical (but not peaty) tastes in the background.

  • Water:

It holds water well, retaining most of its interest and opening up significantly in the glass. More herbal, less syrupy and a little nutty. This is a no-brainer for mixing – slap some ice in there, hammer it with Ginger Ale or subject it to a cocktail without remorse.

Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey

Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey


Jameson is an insanely drinkable, drunkable and mixable Irish whiskey. It’s not the most interesting experience ever and a little too floral for my liking… and given my taste for the often similarly priced Johnnie Black it can hardly compete. But that being said, it’s good value, tasty and refreshing. Cheers!

Quality: Average
Price: Inexpensive
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